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Our ministries are tasked with the responsibility of serving God's people in specific capacities. We pride ourselves on our different teams of ministries because they are essential in the body of Christ. Learn more about our ministries below.

Sunday School Ministry

Rev. Allen Williams, Superintendent

Our Sunday School Ministry provides an applicable lesson every Sunday at 9:30am in the sanctuary.

Contact us on Facebook for lessons:

To view our Sunday School Review videos, click here,

Deacon & Trustee Ministry

Deacon Johnny Judie, President

The Deaconess and Trustee are dedicated to assisting the clergy in caring for the body of Christ. The deacons assist in the handling of communion and oversee the health of the church property. The trustees also assist with financial decision making.

Finance Ministry

Sis. Cynthia Ross, Finance Secretary

The finance ministry oversees the health of church finance. We assist the Pastor in preparing financial documents and keeping the church informed.

Pastor's Aide

Rev. Patricia Durr, President

We are responsible for supporting the direct needs of the Pastor and First Lady during services. We also support in preparation for events and extracurricular ministry engagements.

Usher Board

Sis. Mae Judie, President

The Usher Board is responsible for seating guests and maintaining the order and security of services. We also invite the church to join in our Annual Day service every year.

Women's Ministry

Min. Sherry Tate-Stroud, President

The Women's Ministry supports the women of the church. In our ministry, we gather together as women to support the children, the community, and our congregation.

Associate Ministers

Pastor Shelby Tate

The associate ministers are responsible for leading the congregation and supporting prayer requests alongside the Pastor. To learn more about the Associate Ministers, click here.​

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Jackie Pennon, President

The Deaconess Ministry is dedicated to the care of the community, and missionary work. We also assist the clergy in duties such as preparing communion and visiting the sick.

Mother's Ministry

Mother Doris Tate, President

The Mother's Ministry provides supports the younger generation of women in the church, and we are the helping hands of the church. We support the pastor in ministry by volunteering, providing church services (Good Friday Service and Candlelight Service), and giving to the congregation.

Prayer Service & Bible Study

Provided weekly, every Thursday

We provide prayer (5:30pm-6pm) and bible study (6pm - 7pm) for the church congregation every Thursday. We're currently meeting online. To learn more, click here.

Voices of Rosehill Choir

Rev. Steven B. Tate, Choir Director

We provide weekly praise and worship for the congregation. In addition, we support the Pastor at any extracurricular services and put on our Annual Day and Red and White Tea event. To watch us online, click here.

Youth Ministry

Providing Special Services and Activities

We provide youth programs for our children during special occasions and summer. Some of our previous programs have included Easter Program, Vacation Bible School, and Christmas Programs.

Sunday School
Associate Ministers
Deacons & Deaconess
Finance Ministry
Mother's Ministry
Pastor's Aide
Prayer Servce & Bible Study
Usher Board
Voices of Rosehill
Women's Ministry
Youth Ministry
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